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Transparent & Sustainable

Not many things are free.  But we believe you should pay for what you use and what’s genuinely adding value.  That’s why our pricing is fully transparent and usage based.

Just like no two individuals are exactly the same neither are two organisations.  

Curate wellbeing programmes sustainably and accessibly to suit your unique needs.  Have the flexibility to evolve and change with your people.


Pricing Breakdown

Understand your monthly pricing as easy as 1 + 2 + 3

Monthly pricing includes all three elements and is subject to VAT.

Platform Fee

End-to-end booking administration and receive monthly insightful reporting.

starting from

£50 / month

Wellbeing Services

Prices set by service partners and moderated by OpenMind ensuring value and transparency.

Starting From

£60 / session

Active Employee

Grow sustainably with costs directly following engagement and growth of your wellness programme.

Per Active Employee

£1 / month

Pricing in Practice

Check out some examples of how our clients use OpenMind

sample costs subject to vat

Small Enterprise

We’re a small SME with under 250 employees and a monthly wellness budget of £2,000. 

We’re providing our staff 1 yoga session per week, 1 workshop per month and a dedicated day each month for 1 to 1 or group coaching sessions.  

We also use the platform to administrate our special events as it’s so easy to use.

Overall about half of our staff take part in one or more sessions in any given month.

OpenMind Pricing SME

Medium Enterprise

We’re a small Enterprise with 900 employees and a monthly wellness budget of £5,000. 

We currently have a workplace choir and a meditation community that each meet weekly, every two weeks we host a workshop and we dedicate two days a per month for 1 to 1 coaching.

We also use the OpenMind platform to administrate our Run Club, Book Club and Baking Club.

In any one month 350 employees find their way to one or more sessions.

OpenMind Pricing Small

Large Enterprise

We’re a large Enterprise with over 2,000 employees and a monthly wellness budget of £10,000. 

We have daily mid-afternoon mediation to refresh.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have Yoga, Pilates and a Workout session.  Our workplace choir meets weekly and we run one creative session every week.  We also have fortnightly workshops and weekly 1 to 1 coaching available.

We use the platform for our internal clubs and special events as well.

Overall about 800 staff take part in one or more sessions in any given month.


Most frequent questions and answers

The fee includes use of the platform, booking services, access to a self-service event booking portal and monthly reporting.

As we speak our development team are hard at work building the digital service catalogue into the platform and we’re expecting a late spring launch!  We appreciate your patience.

In the meantime we have our full list of services and prices offline.  Get in touch and we can work out what you need and what we can help you deliver.

We love your excitement and can’t wait to get your sessions started.

Head over to our employer registration (see button at the bottom of this page) and we’ll be in touch to get you started booking sessions.

And you can always drop us an email and we’ll help you get started.  We typically ask for a two week lead time to set up sessions, but we’re happy to accommodate shorter lead times as and when we can.

You don’t necessarily need a dedicated wellness budget.  We’ve found that many smaller teams within organisations allocated part of their own budget to wellness for their team.  Start from the bottom up.

And if you have corporate spend in bars and restaurants why not check out our LUX Rewards partnership where you can earn money towards your wellbeing programme through your existing corporate spend.  Get in touch to find out more.

Yes we absolutely do!  We realise the heroes who work in our charities give so much but often have nothing left for their own wellbeing spend.

We have dedicated partners that provide complimentary services.  And we provide the platform so you can have the same great OpenMind benefits and insights.  

Get in touch to discuss how we might be able to work with your employees.